Corpies is a growing digital printing company focused on customer service, quick turnarounds, and environmental sustainability. In 2014, they were invited to attend a large trade show in Las Vegas. Uncomfortable with their branding, Corpies approached Ascend Concepts to rebrand, and reposition the company.


In under a month, Corpies had a colorful and modern identity design, creatively communicating their culture of sustainability. Armed with a fresh and professional image, a clever tagline, memorable business cards, and a creative die-cut brochure, Corpies experienced wild success at the trade show in Vegas.


Corpies branding logo sketches

Branding & Messaging

To begin the branding project, we put pencil to paper, exploring a variety of logo design solutions. The final logo design combines a leaf and a sheet of paper with a clean, modern typeface for a fresh and progressive appearance. This concept allows the brand to use the mark alone, or the logo-type as a whole. A custom tagline, “Digital printing from a different angle” was developed to propel the branding efforts.
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Corpies branding logo design concept

Corpies branding final logo design

Corpies branding logo style guide

Collateral & Copywriting

A lasting impression can be created through eye-catching and well-branded materials. For Corpies, custom design elements included bright colors, lively shapes, clean typography, and angular die-cuts. The angles for the die cuts were inspired by the shape of the logo, and the unique folding structure engages the viewer while showcasing the digital printing capabilities offered by Corpies. These strategic design choices were made to reinforce the modern, eco-friendly brand in a way that makes Corpies stand out among its peers.
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Corpies branding creative die cut brochure

Corpies branding creative brochure design

A New Branded Identity

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Corpies creative branding identity design