Golf Body Works was a startup offering stretching and massage therapy for traveling golfers. The newly formed company needed a branded identity designed from scratch, and had no exiting photography or assets to work with.


Our creative team took an illustrative approach to the identity design, creating a professional appearance that appeals to golfers, represents the comforts of a day spa, and communicates the cheerful nature of the ownership and staff.


gbw branding logo web design print

Logo Design

We presented several logo concepts illustrating the relationship between the human body and golf performance. The winning concept portrays the motion of a golf swing while illustrating the letter “G” of the company name. The mark was designed to be gender-neutral, and alludes to the hills of a golf course. The typeface Simplo was chosen for the aesthetic balance of spa and sport, and a color palette was designed to capture the feel of a southwestern spa oasis. The result is a memorable identity design.
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gbw logo- design sketches

gbw logo design sketch progression

gbw logo design mark

gbw branding color inspiration

gbw logo design color

Website Design

The website was designed as a single scrolling page to provide quick access to information, and leaned heavily on illustrations executed by our design team. Custom javaScript and CSS were used to create a smooth scrolling effect, and an interactive user experience.
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gbw web design sketches
gbw branding website design

gbw responsive web design

Brochure Design

We carried the brand from the website into a printed piece. The sketching process explored creative folding and die cutting options, and the final printed brochure became a beautiful extension of the brand.
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gbw brochure design concept sketches

gbw printed brochure design

gbw branding logo web design print