The Annual Shoot for the Blue Sporting Clay Fun Shoot is a major fundraising tool for the Fort Worth Police Bike Patrol Support Group. For the 10th anniversary of the event, we were tasked with creating an extra special invitation design.


Hand-packaged sporting clays were customized with the event logo, and event information was placed around the diameter. Printed VIP invitations were designed, printed, and enclosed in the package, creating a memorable brand experience.


sporting clay creative invitation design

Creative Design

Our team orchestrated a creative packaging design concept that created a unique experience for invitees. Logo decals were printed to fit within the circular depression on top of the clay, and a long rectangular decal was wrapped around the diameter. Packing material resembling a bird's nest was included in the package to protect the fragile sporting clays during shipping.
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sporting clay creative invitation design elements

Building the Package

With a few sets of hands, 125 clay pigeons were assembled with stickers, and placed in a nest of packing material within individual boxes. The invitation cards were set on top and each box was sealed and labeled for post.
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sporting clay creative invitation assembly

The Finished Piece

The final product was a hit, increasing participation in the Shoot for the Blue and helping to raise over $100,000 of much-needed funds for the Fort Worth Police Department's bike patrol units.
sporting clay creative invitation finaldesign