When Xplor decided to invest in designing a new website, their site at the time had a wealth of great copy, and their Google rankings were high. However, the site was difficult to navigate, was not mobile friendly, and lacked a design aesthetic that would establish trust with their target audience.


The new website showcases the most important aspect of a childcare center, the children. Although Xplor has schools in four major Texas cities, the feel had to have a strong sense of community. An online registration portal was created to streamline processes and provide a pleasant user experience.


web design case study Xplor Childcare parallax

Web Design Planning & Architecture

Xplor Childcare needed a website that could solve various business problems on the backend, with a fresh and vibrant frontend design. A new web design needed to convert traffic into more registrations, while sending the message that they are approachable, yet established within their industry. Planning was key to organizing a large amount of content into a site in an intuitive uncluttered way.
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web design case study Xplor Childcare sitemap

web design case study Xplor Childcare wireframe

Our creative team approached this web design project with the goal of creating a seamless user experience while positioning Xplor among the leaders within the childcare industry. The sitemapping and wireframing process laid the foundation for a site that provides intuitive navigation through a large amount of content while keeping the target audience engaged.

web design case study Xplor Childcare design sketches

Web Design & Development

During the design phase, it was important to create a site that was bright, energetic, and modern. This was achieved with a bright alternative color palette, professional photography, and stimulating graphics and icons. We paired these design elements with modern parallax scrolling effects to provide a rich user experience.

web design case study Xplor Childcare deskto layout

Responsive web design practices were used to create an intuitive user experience on mobile and tablet devices

web design case study Xplor Childcare mobile tablet

Professional Photography

In any design project, especially web design, excellent photography can turn an average website into a stunning site that engages people on an emotional level. We worked with Xplor in executing a professional photo shoot in their centers to capture the vibrance of the centers, and the beautiful children the care for.

web design case study Xplor Childcare photography

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