TCU Lettermen’s Association was looking to create a modern website that is dynamic and easily updated. The new website needed to reflect the variety of sports the Lettermen’s Association represents, the diversity of athletes, the various ways to get involved, and ways for Lettermen to give back to the organization.


The final product is a website design with a modern and athletic feel, and a hint of nostalgia to portray the history behind the organization. The navigation is simple to use for younger generation Lettermen as well as older generations. The backend of the website is easy to administer and keep up to date.


website design TCU Lettermen's case study parallax

Website Planning & Architecture

When the TCU Lettermen's Association approached Ascend Concepts to redesign their website, they not only wanted to update to a fresh look and feel, but also needed a content management system that could save many hours of administrative time in keeping the site updated.
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website design TCU Lettermen's case study sitemap

As with all web design projects, our creative team rolled up their sleeves to understand how the target audiences would be using the site, and what information they would be looking for. Sitemaps were developed and revised until the navigation structure of the website was nailed down. Then wireframes were designed to map out the user experience design that would be eye-catching and user friendly.

website design TCU Lettermen's case study wireframes

Website Design & Development

The website design gives the TCU Lettermen's Association a tool to keep their members informed, and is driving new membership and participation. The finished product is the result of a completely custom design, along with custom CMS development that is highly attractive and intuitive.

website design TCU Lettermen's case study desktop landing page

Responsive web design practices were used to display the website properly on mobile and tablet devices.

website design TCU Lettermen case study responsive web design

website design TCU Lettermen's case study summary