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Sarah Rose

Hello there! I am Sarah, the newest addition to the Ascend Concepts team! And I’m #superexcitedtobehere. Please #Retweet and #Follow if you are as #ExcitedAsWeAre. Too much? Ok I’m sorry, I’m just excited. I will be bringing in the social media element here at Ascend as an offered service for you, your neighbor’s dog grooming […] read more

Paul -Not His Car


Hi. I’m Paul. I’m new to Ascend Concepts. I am a phoenix rising from the ashes laying waste to boredom and monotony as I survey the scorched earth beneath me. (I’ll be commuting from Arlington). Compelled to soar far away from a former place of repetition, I’m sure of this… that no risk will be […] read more

New Employee


I was born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut, a suburb in Fairfield County, located on the Long Island Sound coastal area of Connecticut; commonly referred to as the Tri-State Region, which consists of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. And not surprisingly, I’ve been called a “Yankee” since arriving in Fort Worth in 2011. Fortunately, […] read more

Political Circus

Ascend Concepts, Inc. was recently approached to create the overall theme and design for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 134th Annual Luncheon. An event attended by over 700 community business leaders. The entertainment for this event was “The Capitol Steps”, a political musical satire group based in DC, who performs comedy and musical numbers about current […] read more