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Air is free until you buy a bag of potato chips (and other random musings)

The Power of Uninspired Design

So, I’m jogging down the street working on my mile time average and I notice this sign in my neighbors’ yard… My first impression: Fairly informative. Green. The stars make me feel a touch patriotic – if not a little ill, and the checkbox let’s me know how it might look after I’ve placed my vote. […] read more

Creating Great Design: What Does it Take?

Brands are embracing design now more than ever. Let’s face it, the digital age has changed the way everyone does business. Customers are more savvy than ever, and brands are having to deal with it. By now, if you are in business then you have a website – and so does your competition. From online […] read more

Google Grants For Non-Profits

Could your nonprofit use $10k of google ads for free each month? In 2015 alone, $373 billion was donated to more than 1.5 million different non-profit organizations. Thats a lot of organizations, and a LOT of money. If those donations were dispersed evenly among these organizations, each would have received approximately $746,000. They are however not […] read more

Sarah Rose

Hello there! I am Sarah, the newest addition to the Ascend Concepts team! And I’m #superexcitedtobehere. Please #Retweet and #Follow if you are as #ExcitedAsWeAre. Too much? Ok I’m sorry, I’m just excited. I will be bringing in the social media element here at Ascend as an offered service for you, your neighbor’s dog grooming […] read more

Paul -Not His Car


Hi. I’m Paul. I’m new to Ascend Concepts. I am a phoenix rising from the ashes laying waste to boredom and monotony as I survey the scorched earth beneath me. (I’ll be commuting from Arlington). Compelled to soar far away from a former place of repetition, I’m sure of this… that no risk will be […] read more

A Great Day To Be A North Texan

How do you give to your community? Did you know that North Texas alone has around 2,500 non-profits that accept donations just in the DFW Metroplex? Cue: North Texas Giving Day! Ascend Concepts, Inc. is very honored to support, and work with, many local non-profits in North Texas and we want to encourage you to […] read more

New Employee


I was born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut, a suburb in Fairfield County, located on the Long Island Sound coastal area of Connecticut; commonly referred to as the Tri-State Region, which consists of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. And not surprisingly, I’ve been called a “Yankee” since arriving in Fort Worth in 2011. Fortunately, […] read more

Political Circus

Ascend Concepts, Inc. was recently approached to create the overall theme and design for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 134th Annual Luncheon. An event attended by over 700 community business leaders. The entertainment for this event was “The Capitol Steps”, a political musical satire group based in DC, who performs comedy and musical numbers about current […] read more

Raising Awareness

We sure do love us some Fort Worth! And what better way to show our support of not only our friends at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, but the noble work of those at the American Heart Association by participating in Go Red For Women Day. On Friday, February 5, we rocked our best […] read more

Ascending Culture

Where it all started for me Since the inception of my career here at Ascend Concepts, I knew that it was going to be a great fit. A creative, well organized website painted the picture of what type of organization I would be pursuing and the experience I found throughout the pages intrigued me to […] read more

Why is Your Logo Important?

Your logo is the ‘face’ of your company, and is a visual representation of everything that your company offers and promises to offer. If how your customers and potential customers perceive your brand is important to you, it is critical that the logo reinforce the values consistent with your mission, your team, and your brand promise. […] read more

Ascend Concepts creative team thank you

A HUGE Thank You

Five years ago, Ascend Concepts was formed to be a creative, design-driven agency, focusing on solving client’s issues in unique and creative ways. Starting and maintaining a small business is an enormous challenge. Since incorporating in February 2010, Ascend has experienced growth every year, a tribute to hard work, passion, and commitment to the creative […] read more