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Logo Design... From Sketch to Completion

All Brands Start Somewhere…

Nothing strengthens a brand better that a well crafted logo. These are a few examples of logos designed by our talented team.

Alchemy Pops

Alchemy Pops creates frozen treats from scratch using farm-fresh local ingredients. In the logo, hand-lettering was used for a retro, yet trendy home-crafted look.

branding logo design alchemy pops

Panther Island Brewing

This branding project was all about capturing the rock-n-roll attitude of a local brewery.

logo design panther island brewing

Sanders Hitch

Sanders Hitch is a beautiful ranchette that accommodates special events and overnight lodging for large groups. The logo design presents a rustic yet welcoming look and feel.

 logo design sanders hitch

Cucinello Business Services

For this company specializing in bookkeeping, our team delivered a modern yet timeless monogram style logo

logo design cucinello-business services

Thompson’s Bookstore

The logo designed for this classic bookstore-themed bar incorporates vintage wood-cut styling.

logo design thompsons bookstore

Wooten Metal

For this metal fabrication company, the Ascend team designed a logo that feels like it was built to last.

logo design wooten metal


Corpies is a digital printing company focused on quality products and sustainability. This logo design incorporates a modern type treatment with a mark that communicates the environmental-friendly message.

logo design corpies

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