Our Process Usually Looks Like This:

  • Kick Off

    The team comes together to discuss the game plan. Donuts and coffee are not required, but are appreciated.

  • Discover

    Time to find out who’s setting trends, what makes your industry tick, and how to move forward together.

  • Consult

    We’ll get our collective brains in sync to get some creative sparks flying.

  • Plan

    The ideas are there, now we just need to gather some tools.

  • Create

    Pencil to paper time. This is what we live for.

  • Implement

    Here’s where ideas, art and execution meet. Exciting times

  • Deliver

    Time to unveil. Pull back the curtain and release the product into the wild.

  • Support

    We don’t forget about you after the launch. Let’s see what happens and where to go from here.

  • Measure

    Wow! Look at all this success. Turns out we might have had more. Let’s figure out how and move upward.

Elements of a Creative Project Usually Include:

  • Defining a Goal/Purpose
  • Defining Target Audiences
  • Developing a Creative Brief
  • Discussing and Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Defining a Budget
  • Creating a Plan & Schedule
  • Developing a Creative Concept
  • Producing Design
  • Project Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Delivery
  • Support