We Believe That Great Designs Can…

Communicate: Bauhaus Typography

Bauhaus typography is especially credited for the development of modern day graphic and industrial design. Balanced layout, harmonious geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and sans-serif letters in upper case or lower case fonts are simple but strong.

Motivate: Rosie the Riveter/We Can Do It!

“Rosie the Riveter,” star of a government campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for the munitions industry, became perhaps the most iconic image of working women during the war. This poster inspired a notable increase of females in the workforce between 1940 and 1945.

Intrigue: Saul Bass “Man With the Golden Arm”

Saul Bass might be the single most accomplished graphic designer in history. Bass was committed to injecting life into his graphics, making them as much a part of the cinematic experience as anything else.

Stimulate: Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was the founder of the innovative painting technique, known as Action Painting. This stimulating method of making abstract art involved dripping and smearing the paint onto the canvas in dramatic sweeping gestures.

Sell: VW Beetle “Think Small” Ad

Conceived by Helmut Krone and Julian Koenig, this campaign is what many consider to be one of the best advertising schemes of the 20th century. These advertisements were considered a success in part because they sold a lot of cars, but what really set in stone their success was how they turned the marketing world on its head.