Why is Your Logo Important?

Your logo is the ‘face’ of your company, and is a visual representation of everything that your company offers and promises to offer. If how your customers and potential customers perceive your brand is important to you, it is critical that the logo reinforce the values consistent with your mission, your team, and your brand promise.

A professional business should be represented by a look and feel that represents the company’s values. All aspects of your logo (color, font, weight, etc.) send cues to your customers and employees as to who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. A logo should be unique and original, and using stock art breaks both of these rules. Chances are, if you are using a stock image, it is also being used by someone somewhere else in the world, so your brand is no longer unique. Your logo mark is therefore likely lost in the minds of those you wish to resonate with.

Can a business operate with a poor or simple logo? Sure. However, great design is the perfect compliment to your marketing and communications strategy. Focusing on a high quality logo design is an opportunity to connect with customers on a more meaningful level. It suggests to your target market that you are invested in the future while instilling credibility. A professionally designed logo can increase visibility for your company by increasing brand recognition, and is an opportunity to galvanize employees and foster teamwork in a more welcoming and prideful work environment.

In many cases, refreshing a brand’s logo provides more opportunities for branded sales (as is often the case with brewery merchandise or golf apparel, for instance). A well designed and brand can also be a major line item asset on a company’s balance sheet, which can be extremely important when the business reaches some type of liquidation event, such as a sale or merger.

For example, Coca-Cola has a 180 billion dollar market capitalization. The value of their hard assets is 100 billion dollars. That means if they sold all of their hard assets, just the logo, brand, and name would still be worth 80 billion dollars. Would that be the case without the iconic Coca-Cola trademark?

Remember that you are always sending two messages, what you say, and what people hear. A thoughtful and well designed logo helps bridge that potentially dangerous gap.