Creative Process

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  • Branding

    Whether you’re looking to take your company to the next level, are in need of an image overhaul, or you’re a funded startup ready to take the world by storm, Ascend Concepts will build a brand that creates a solid foundation for future marketing success.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    Looking to launch a new product and need help taking it to market? Are you running seasonal marketing promotions? We love working with marketing directors and brand managers to provide creative solutions for seasonal marketing campaigns, product launches, contests,
    and more.

  • Web & Digital

    We are well-versed in the world of web and digital media. From full-blown web applications and websites to landing pages and email blasts, we make it happen. These days, digital media is a part of any marketing strategy, and our team has the chops to deliver whatever you may need.

  • Event Marketing

    Branding events and festivals is a passion. We love the energy and buzz that is created in the months and weeks leading up to an event, and can't get enough of the feeling of seeing it all come together the day-of. We know that schedules are tight and deadlines are fast,
    and we love it.

  • Consulting

    Not sure where to start? We work with companies of all sizes to help them communicate with their target audiences, uncover hidden opportunities, and to clearly define their direction. Our process allows us to create a focused strategy that ensures your brand will effectively leverage its marketing dollars.